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About us

Committed to delivering high quality 11 Plus, primary, GCSE and secondary  tuition to children in primary and secondary education.

The Learning Base was established in 2013 with the aim to improve and add value to the educational outcomes of children who come to benefit from our services.


Over the years we have gained a reputation in the community as being an establishment that parents and guardians can trust.


The community we serve greatly values education, we therefore only employ passionate teachers with a sense of responsibility to make a difference to the children.  Our teachers are fully qualified in their respective subject areas and have years of experience working in mainstream schools.

Our moto, 'Building Success Together' encompasses the factors that we feel are the most important for a child's success in education. 

1. Firstly, the child must try hard to improve and develop their skills and abilities.

2. Secondly, tutors must be competent at engaging students using various teaching methods and resources.

3. Finally, we work very closely with all parents by providing timely feedback and offer advice on strategies that can be used at home to accelerate the learning process. 


Classes available in the following centres


  The Abrahamic Foundation

215 High Street,

Smethwick, B66 3AH


  CCF - Community Connect Foundation

Cambridge Rd

Smethwick, B66 2HR


  Ibn Rushed Centre of Excellence

Greencoat House
259 Stratford Road
Sparkhill, B11 1QS



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