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GCSE English Language


  • Analysing Fiction

  • Analysing Non Fiction

  • Comparing Texts

  • Writing

  • Spelling Punctuation and Grammar

  • Spoken Lanugage


GCSE Maths 


  • Number

  • Algebra

  • Ratio, proportion and rates of change

  • Geometry and measure

  • Probability

  • Statistics

  • Problem Solving 


GCSE Science

Combined and Triple Science

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Physics


GCSE Science

Brilliant tuition centre, excellent teachers!

'"My 15 year old daughter has been attending group tuition for science over the past year and has improved immensely in that time both in aptitude and confidence. Prior to attending the learning base she always struggled with science and was in danger of falling behind. She is now performing well and achieving excellent grades which we hope will continue in the year ahead. 

The teachers are extremely committed and genuinely concerned about pupil progress. The lessons are tailored to what the students are currently studying in class helping to reinforce and develop on school lessons and learning.

My daughter enjoys going to the lessons and really values the additional support. We intend to continue with these lessons next year during her crucial year 11 for GCSE preparation. I would have no hesitation in recommending this tuition centre to other students."


100% recommend!

"I have been going for lessons at The Learning Base for 2 years. I can confidently say the methods of teaching and all the support has helped me become much more confident in science. The science teacher Mr Johirul really focuses on the topics I am weak in. I will be doing Triple Sciences for GCSE and will definitely continue with lessons at The Learning Base. Also, the lessons are really fun".


Great place to expand your knowledge.

"The learning base is a great place to achieve your school grades. With my experience in the learning base, I had received a lot of great help to get the grades I was hoping to get. At first it was uncomfortable learning in an environment with other students I didn’t know, but as time progressed I realised that I was slowly improving in my school work also releasing the stress that many students find when exam season arrives."



"I have genuinely enjoyed every lesson I have had and have learnt something new each week. The lessons are very well structured to allow me to learn the subjects and topics I have struggled in. Due to these lessons o have passed my GCSEs".


Science tutorship

"Great tutorship! Helped improve my science grade majorly in a short amount of time. Amazing work in every capacity."


Excellent GCSE science teacher

"Johirul Islam has been my science teacher for over a year now. Out of all the science teachers that I have had he is one of the best. This is mainly because his lessons are extremely engaging, fun and comprehensive. I believe that the difference between a, 'very good' and 'outstanding' teacher is that an outstanding teacher can create fun lessons out of very boring topics. Johirul does a great job of creating fun lessons from boring topics. He also does a great job of engaging the student so that the student don't miss anything from that certain topic. I personally believe that Johirul is a fantastic GCSE teacher. And that if you have a child you should definitely use is teaching expertise at the learning base."


Excellent results

"I want to thank Mr Johirul for all his efforts in his Science tuition classes at The Learning Base enabling my son to pass his GCSEs well and go on to do a course of his choice. Thank you so much. "

Classes available in the following centres


  The Abrahamic Foundation

215 High Street,

Smethwick, B66 3AH


  CCF - Community Connect Foundation

Cambridge Rd

Smethwick, B66 2HR


  Ibn Rushed Centre of Excellence

Greencoat House
259 Stratford Road
Sparkhill, B11 1QS

07914 005 371



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