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  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar

  • Reading and writing

  • Speaking and Listening

  • Types of text




  • Numbers

  • Calculations

  • Fractions, percentages and ratio

  • Measurement

  • Shapes and movement

  • Handling data

  • Maths in context



Excellent service

"I was recommended the learning base for my son through a few friends for my son. He attended tution before coming here but felt alot of pressure with the amount of work given and affected his concentration at school. Since attending learning base for the short few months he did. He had excelled well at school, passed his SATS with level 6 grade and was granted a scholoship at a private school and has continued to stay in higher tier in all subjects thanks to the foundation he built while attending the learning base. The input given from staff at this tuition is outstanding. They are very friendly and approachable. 
I highly recommend this centre to anyone wishing their child to succeed. Thank you to the learning base for giving my child the support he required."

Primary & GCSE

Excellent teaching!!

"We have used many tuition centres in the past and this one is by far the very best . The staff are very friendly and always welcoming. The teachers are very friendly and professional and always have time to answer any queries you have, no matter how busy they are they always make time for you. They always make sure your child understands what they need to do for homework. A few of our children have been attending here for maths and English, the school noticed the huge improvement they made very quickly and moved the children to higher levels. The children love attending here. This Tuition centre is a lot more affordable than many other ones we have used in the past, where we have paid so much and not seen much difference. Our children enjoy attending here. We recommend The Learning Base to everyone."


Fantastic Tuition centre!!!!!!!

"The Learning Base is an Excellent Tuition Centre. The staff are always very warm and welcoming. The service they provide is very affordable. I decided to try The Learning Base for my daughter after my sister had recommended them to me. My nephews attended and enjoyed it. My daughter who at the time had a home tutor was not making much progress. I was concerned so I thought I'll give them a try. My daughters levels were very low and she was going to sit her end of year 6 Sats test very soon, within a few weeks the school noticed an improvement in my daughters work and by the end of 3 months her teachers were so amazed at how much progress she made in such a short space of time they moved her up from a bottom level 2 to a high level 3!! I was so pleased and impressed with the progress she has made. My daughter was more confident and happy than before. I would definitely recommend this place..."

Classes available in the following centres


  The Abrahamic Foundation

215 High Street,

Smethwick, B66 3AH


  CCF - Community Connect Foundation

Cambridge Rd

Smethwick, B66 2HR


  Ibn Rushed Centre of Excellence

Greencoat House
259 Stratford Road
Sparkhill, B11 1QS

07914 005 371



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